What Clients Say

  • Choosing the right host family is critical in a childs education and development. Through Guardian Angels, we were able to get a fantastic host family that shared our beliefs and this had a positive impact on our daughter.

    The Staff at Guardian Angels made things that seemed impossible, possible

  • Guardian Angels came highly recommended to us by a friend in the UK when we were looking to place our son in School.As we had already decided on the school, the GA team helped with the assessment process, guiding us through it as we were unfamiliar with the UK educational system.

    They made visits to the school to speak to key personnel and alleviate any concerns we might have had, planned our initial visit to the school and kept us Informed every step of the way. In a world that's becoming so distant and busy, it's thoroughly refreshing to get such a personal touch.

  • Guardian Angels made UK home for my daughter Mu tan. This was her first experience away from home. The communication link between Guardian Angels and us has been effective and amazing at the same time.

    They are really passionate about children. They understand what child welfare means and excel in identifying a suitable host family within the vicinity of the school of our choice.